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We at Snippers Lawnmowing are the most trusted lawn and garden management companies based in Sydney. We offer services in all areas of horticulture and aboriculture. Our landscape management services cover initial lawn clean ups, rubbish removal as well as long-term management of grass, hard surfaces, trees and gardens, common area cleaning as well landscape design and construction.

We are a team of professionals, “a cut above the rest”, for matching the needs and expectations of the clients we serve. We know that each client is unique and so are their expectations. We work together with our clients to take care of every detail of the expectations, We include client specific requirements in and every job we complete as well as completing audits against our clients standards.

We are growing every day and are increasing the number of trained staff in our crew to better serve more clients across Sydney. Contact Snippers Lawnmowing and we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Expert With Great Results And High Quality Output

Snippers Lawnmowing is certified for its Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems to ensure our clients receive a consistent high quality, in a manner which is safe for people and the environment.

Skilled staff at Snippers Lawnmowing have horticulture and arboriculture training and/or experience as well as ChemCert trained and for competent weed identification and treatment. Our professionals are well trained on the application of latest technology equipment, as well as customer service skills. We believe in delivering only the best.

Our team of experts being industry best-trained landscape gardeners are ready to maintain and/or improving the look and appearance of your outdoor areas include units, townhouses, factory complexes, homes and offices.

We also offer a landscape design service to meet your needs whether its an update of existing landscaped area or as a result of development. We will meet with you to discuss you needs and inspect the area before making recommendations and completing your design.

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We offer services in all areas of horticulture & arboriculture

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